Insiteful’s white label feature

With our white label form tracking platform, you have complete control over branding, account provisioning, and pricing. Brand our form abandonment software as your own and include form tracking as part of your agency’s service offerings.

Insiteful: white label form tracking software for agencies. Automatically solve abandoned forms!

Clients will remain immersed in your brand in their reporting dashboard and abandoned form alerts. If you want to keep a consistent brand across all your client-facing reporting systems, we offer complete white labeling: including a branded dashboard, branded emails, and a customized domain name. If you’d like to add white labeling to your account, contact our sales team.

Why use white label marketing tools?

A branded platform not only offers a seamless experience for your clients, but also empowers your agency to upsell our solution as part of your digital marketing service offerings (effectively increasing your revenue without any additional overhead).

When working with an agency, the many different tools being used can confuse or overwhelm clients who just want to keep tabs on their marketing efforts. White label SEO tools, marketing tools, analytic tools and reporting tools can help keep everything consistent — increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn. Your clients will only see your brand and won’t be distracted by outside software.

Perfect for…

  • No contracts, self-serve setup
  • No-code form tracking (just copy & paste)
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited leads
  • Choose your # of accounts
  • Form tracking
  • Lead generation analytics
  • Conversion rate optimization

What’s included:

  • Partial entry tracking
  • Form abandonment alerts
  • Save & continue later
  • Form funnel analytics
  • Form field optimization insights
  • Auto follow-up emails
  • Lead recovery
  • Google & Facebook retargeting ads
  • Easy CSV data export
  • API & webhooks

Agency white label form tracking solution

Form tracking is an integral part of online lead generation, and a great way to bring your clients extra sales. The ability to track & optimize your campaigns with white label reporting and analytics keeps your clients focused on your brand and allows you to upsell our form abandonment solution as part of your service offerings. Contact our sales team to learn more or set up your white label form tracking today.