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If your forms are being tracked & Insiteful is capturing your partial form entries (i.e. you can see data appearing on your homepage Activity Log and the Live Form Fill page), but you don’t want to catch submitted forms, you can simply follow the steps below—

How to configure Insiteful to ignore submitted forms?

Simply add the following one-line tracking code after your Insiteful tracking code to ignore submissions and only* detect incomplete form responses:

<script defer src="//"></script>

However, we should clarify that there’s a good reason this is not our default setup:

  • For instance, if a user clicks “Submit” but one form field happens to fail validation (so the form doesn’t actually get submitted), there’s no reliable way for Insiteful (or any other tracking, for that matter) to detect this happened, so the submission data would be lost
  • Depending how your form submission is configured (ie. AJAX vs. POST submission), our script may not get a chance to detect when the user clicks the “Submit” button before the page refreshes

Insiteful is able to detect all the partial form entries by tracking keystrokes within a webpage, but form submissions generally occur ‘between’ webpages: these are all inherent limits of how browsers work and you will face the same challenges with any other software you try.

* This is the reason we can’t guarantee 100% of submitted forms will be ignored by our tracking code, unless you were to write a callback function to Insiteful upon form submission (our mission is to make it easy to track all your existing forms in a few clicks, so we don’t generally suggest this).

Why ignore submitted forms?

The main goal of Insiteful is to capture 100% of visitors that fill out your forms, so it may seem counterintuitive to ignore submitted forms. As a personal preference, we don’t ignore submissions in any of the Insiteful installs for our agency clients.

However, if you use one of our thousands of integrations like Slack, HubSpot, Google Sheets or Active Campaign to build automated workflows, you probably want to ignore submitted forms to avoid duplicate leads. Insiteful makes this easy and as simple as copy & paste: just copy and paste the extra line highlighted above!

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