Once you’ve started successfully installed Insiteful on your website (step 1), the next step is to choose & enable the power-ups that help optimize your customer experience and drive an increase in conversions — it just a matter of few clicks:

You’ll want to start by on the Domains page and click the “Edit” button in the “Power-ups” column (as indicated in the screenshot below)
This will bring to you the Domains Settings page, which should look something like the screenshot below. With just a few dropdowns and settings, you can boost your form conversion by 12 – 15+% in mere minutes:
Form Optimization Powerups - Domain Settings Page - Insiteful Dashboard (Preview) Help Center - Knowledgebase | Insiteful
  1. Welcome Back & Repopulate

    All you need to do is simply switch the dropdown under “⚡ Power-ups > Welcome Back & Repopualte” to “Yes” and returning users will be greeted with the option to resume where they left off on your website. Thanks to Insiteful’s smart Repopulate feature, your prospect’s previous form entries & partial submissions will be restored for them to pick up seamlessly on returning to your web forms.

  2. Save & Continue Later

    In a similar vein, if you’d like to give users who may be in-a-hurry the option to receive a link to continue later, all it takes is a couple clicks with Insiteful. On the same Domain Settings page (screenshot above), switch the dropdown under “⚡ Power-ups > Save & Continue Later” to “Yes” and choose a delay time of your choice (in milliseconds) to display a prompt to users who may want to continue later. You can also add a comma-separated list of pages to only display this prompt on specific pages — if left blank & enabled, the Save & Continue Later prompt will display on all pages.

Taking a few minutes to setup these simple, automated form experience optimization power-ups can have dramatic benefits, as demonstrated by some of our case studies: conversion lift of >12%! That is equal to more than 1 extra lead for every 10 you’re getting today from any web form, with virtually no extra work. To capture even more leads with Insiteful, read more about how-to automate follow-up emails here.

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