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Once you’ve started successfully installed Insiteful on your website (step 1), the next step is to choose & enable the power-ups that help optimize your customer experience and drive an increase in conversions — it just a matter of few clicks:

You’ll want to start by on the Domains page and click the “Edit” button in the “Power-ups” column (as indicated in the screenshot below)
This will bring to you the Domains Settings page, which should look something like the screenshot below. With just a few dropdowns and settings, you can boost your form conversion by 15% or more in just a few clicks:
Form Optimization Powerups - Domain Settings Page - Insiteful Dashboard (Preview) Help Center - Knowledgebase | Insiteful
  1. Repopulate (Welcome Back)

    Insiteful allows you to automatically greet returning users (regardless of which page they land on your website) and guide them back to where they left off:

    All you need to do is simply switch the dropdown under “⚡ Power-ups > Welcome Back & Repopulate” to “Yes” and returning users will be greeted with the option to resume exactly where they left off on your website. Thanks to Insiteful’s smart Repopulate feature, any previous form entries & partial submissions entered by your prospect will be restored, so they can seamlessly pick up where they last stopped upon returning to your web forms.

  2. Saved Progress (Save & Continue Later)

    Insiteful also empowers your website visitors to save and resume their progress as desired. If you’d like to give users who may be in-a-hurry the option to receive a link to continue later, all it takes is a couple clicks with Insiteful. On the same Domain Settings page (screenshot above), switch the dropdown under “⚡ Power-ups > Save & Continue Later” to “Yes” and choose a delay time of your choice (in milliseconds) to display a prompt to users who may want to continue later. You can also add a comma-separated list of pages to only display this prompt on specific pages — if left blank & enabled, the Save & Continue Later prompt will display on all pages.

Taking a few minutes to setup these simple, automated form experience optimization power-ups can have dramatic benefits, as demonstrated by some of our case studies: conversion lift of >12%! That is equal to more than 1 extra lead for every 10 you’re getting today from any web form, with virtually no extra work. To capture even more leads with Insiteful, read more about how-to automate follow-up emails here.

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