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How to confirm Insiteful is installed properly

By April 8, 2023November 21st, 2023No Comments
Once you have completed the steps to install Insiteful (available on the Install page of the Insiteful dashboard), you’ll want to confirm everything is set up properly to capture partial entries, incomplete submissions, and abandoned forms from your website. There are two simple ways to do so:

Test installation with the Insiteful Debugger extension

You can use our Debugger Extension for Chrome / Microsoft Edge to validate you have installed Insiteful properly.
  1. First, download the extension from here.
  2. Then, simply drag & drop the .ZIP into chrome://extensions or edge://extensions (depending on whether you use Chrome or Edge, respectively)
  3. Once the extension is installed, navigate to the webpage you want to track, and click the “Check for…” button(s), as indicated:

    Insiteful Extension for Chrome & Edge: validate form abandonment tracking installation

If Insiteful’s tracking script has been properly installed and appears on the page, you should receive the message below.
Make sure to hard-refresh (Ctrl/Cmd+R) to ensure that your browser is not loading an old, cached version of the webpage (from before you installed).

Insiteful Extension for Chrome & Edge: validate form abandonment tracking installation

Manually test Insiteful’s form abandonment tracking

Once you’ve got everything installed, you can easily test it out on your own! Try navigating to a form where you installed Insiteful and enter some dummy data (e.g. "John Doe"<[email protected]>), then drop off the page without clicking submit / completing your response.

You should receive an email notifying you of the new lead, and the data you entered should pop up on the Leads and Live page — as seen below.

How-to resolve any issues

Having trouble? Make sure you’ve got the correct domain selected in the main domain dropdown (see below).

If you notice form tracking working fine (ie. data is appearing on the Live page) but new leads are not being detected, you may need quickly configure your form’s Mapping (est. 2 – 3 minutes). Such forms may require you to briefly manually specify what each form field means: just a few clicks with our intuitive interface (screenshot below), available by clicking the button under “Mapping” on the Forms page. Read more about how-to setup custom form mapping here.

Need further help? Check out these tips on troubleshooting forms and leads, or get more support here.

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