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Insiteful’s smart insights help you identify and eliminate the friction points in your web forms and online customer experience. The Hesitation report for Form Fields is one of the most powerful tools in our form analytics platform: providing valuable information identifying specific problem areas— which would otherwise require hours of analytics & session replay to find.

How to identify Hesitation form fields 

When viewing the Form Funnel Analytics report in Insiteful (as seen below), the Hesitation Field alert denotes if users are confused or if just taking too long to fill out a specific field:

Hesitation Field Report - Form Analytics & Funnel Insights - Conversion Rate Optimization with

No need to examine a complex report to glean these insights: Insiteful’s smart recommendations are auto-generated for you by and appear atop your Form analytics report. To access these reports, simply login to Insiteful and visit the Forms page, and click “View Analytics” for the web form your interested in.

The Hesitation Field notice will also show you how much time visitors are spending stuck on a specific form field. In the interest of simplicity and clarity, this is defined as the time from when they started filling in that specific form field to when they stopped &/or finished.

There is no code or special configuration required, as Insiteful will automatically track all of the <form> elements on your site and generate smart recommendations for them. Don’t waste time searching through analytics & session replay to identify missed opportunities: Insiteful will automatically notify you in real-time anytime an abandoned form is detected.

Form Field Hesitation Insights - Smart Recommendations & Form Analytics via

While Insiteful’s smart recommendations algorithm for Hesitation Fields involves some more technical & sophisticated elements that wouldn’t be possible to describe in detail here, this feature can be most simply understood as identifying the form field(s) where users spend the longest time. 

Generally speaking, most input fields shouldn’t have a high hesitation time, except those that may require your prospects to think through an answer (ie. a custom message or survey).

If Insiteful alerts you to a form field causing hesitation, you may want to investigate whether the field can be clarified, removed, or automated — simply making this change can directly boost your conversions.

While most software solutions focus on either analytics or conversion optimization, Insiteful’s platform includes a powerful, complete feature set to both track & optimize your forms. Hesitation reports are just one of the many ways in which Insiteful can help you make your existing forms and marketing efforts more effective.

Note: This update is part of Insiteful’s upcoming Form Analytics v2: a major update to make our existing analytics and insights more robust & easy-to-use (due to launch in mid-September) — we’ll keep you posted!

How to view abandoned form entries

The Live / Form Fills report in Insiteful (pictured above ) shows you the data from users that are filling out your online web forms.  In the screenshot below from the Insiteful dashboard, you can see the entries form partially-filled form coupled with the relevant information (ie. IP, Form URL, Timestamp).

Web Form Tracking Report | Insiteful

In cases where Insiteful is able to collect sufficient partial entry data to assemble contact information for an email or phone lead, we’ll send you a real-time missed opportunity alert and the prospect’s profile will appear in the Leads page.

Skip the session replay and try Insiteful‘s real-time missed opportunity alerts and smart field insights (ie. “confused field” notices).

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