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Getting visitors to your website is important, but that’s just the beginning of online lead generation. To generate new business for your law firm, your website should capture & convert real clients. That’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) becomes important.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization is all about finding ways to increase the rate / number of conversions generated from a website. Conversions are defined as when users perform actions on the website you want them to complete. Desired actions will vary from business to business: for a software business it will be signing up for an account or demo, for a consultant it may be a booking form, or subscribing to a service for a membership business.

There are plenty of guides available on the internet that discuss CRO in detail such as different types of conversions and how to calculate conversion rate, however, in this article, we will discuss the reasons behind low conversion and how conversion rate optimization tools can help with such problems.

6 CRO tools every law firm should use:

CRO enables you to better convince visitors to take certain actions on your website, such as downloading a white paper, signing up for a webinar, or submitting an inquiry. CRO is a complex and ongoing process, but law firms can make the process easier by using the right tools. Here are five types of conversion rate optimization tools law firms should use. Using these tools, you will be able to gather the relevant insights so that you can make the necessary adjustments, so your website converts more traffic and leads.

1. Form Abandonment Tracking

Tracking user activity is the first step to understanding why people are leaving your website without converting. Insiteful can help you track web form activity without any elaborate setup or coding experience. In just a few clicks (under 90 seconds), Insiteful tracks all your existing forms at the field level.

If someone starts filling out one of your lead forms, this usually indicates they are a warm prospect. As such, it is worth all possible efforts to capture and follow-up with leads that do so. Unfortunately, traditional analytics like Google leave you entirely blind to users that abandon your forms — you could be losing as much as 74% of potential leads!

Insiteful is an all-in-1 form abandonment solution so you can capture partial and incomplete submissions effortlessly: simply add our one-line tracking code to set up partial entry tracking on your existing forms. You can even automatically sync missed leads to any third-party marketing automation or CRM software of your choice, such as Gmail, HubSpot, or even Slack / Microsoft Teams — no-code required for set up!

2. Funnel Analytics

Marketers use funnels to easily identify and visualize the barriers that prevent potential clients from converting. With funnel analysis, you track how users progress through your lead form and see how many visitors make it past each step, thereby identifying any problems or areas for improvements in the customer journey. The ultimate goal of any funnel analysis is to increase conversion rates and revenue.

Setting up form funnel analytics with Insiteful is simply a matter of copy & paste — no technical knowledge required. There’s no pesky event or goal setup either: our tracking automatically detects all your web forms and generates form field visualizations with no configuration. All you need to do is copy & paste the install code, then sit back and watch your data & insights flow in:

Form funnel analytics report:

3. Smart Insights

The goal of conversion optimization is to streamline your online visitor’s journey to becoming clients or leads. An excellent place to start is by figuring out which parts of your website hinder vs.  help drive conversions. There’s no need to run complicated heuristic frameworks or waste hours poring over heatmaps & session replay to determine this — Insiteful’s smart insights automate identifying the friction points & problem fields that discourage or confuse users that would have otherwise converted into leads. Skip the subjective analysis and get to the objective truth about what works (and what doesn’t) for your law firm’s online lead generation.

Hesitation Field Report - Form Analytics & Funnel Insights - Conversion Rate Optimization with

Form fields that cause drop-offs can generally be attributed to one of the following issues:

  • Low Motivation
  • Unclear Value Proposition
  • Lack of Relevance
  • Lack of Incentive
  • Distractions
  • Anxiety or Friction

4. Conversion Rate Optimization Survey Tools

Conversion rate optimization tools are designed to make it easier for website visitors to become leads, and ultimately clients for your law firm. Insights from survey tools can help you further refine your optimizations by collecting feedback directly from end user’s.

  • On-site polls or surveys – These embedded surveys allow you to collect feedback in the moment on your website. This is a great method for getting immediate feedback from potential clients on your website. You can also segment such surveys to target specific users (ie. returning visitors) based on activity & demographics.
  • Email surveys – Law firms can use email survey tools to gather client sentiment insights and demographic data. Email surveys are a great way to capture detailed information from current clients as well as prospects.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization Maps

Understanding how visitors navigate and behave on your law firm’s website is crucial to effective CRO. Tools like heatmaps and click maps can help you collect this real-time behavioral data. You can choose from several types of map tools, depending on your conversion path and desired goals:

  • Click heatmaps – As the name suggests, these track where visitors click on your site. You will get a visualization of clicks represented as heat: the “warmer” a spot is, the more clicks it received.
  • Scroll maps – This is helpful in understanding how much of a page that visitors actually look at. These maps visualize how far down on the page people scroll, so marketers can better plan their content generation.
  • Mouse movement maps – To better understand what visitors are looking at, these maps depict where your visitors move their mouse (sometimes called “eye tracking”). Oftentimes, hidden insights can be found in examining where users hover, rather than click.

That said, you can always skip the analysis paralysis of agonizing over heatmaps by leveraging smart insights & funnel analysis (as mentioned earlier in #3).

6. A/B Tests

A/B testing is perhaps the most important method for understanding how users best respond to the different elements of your website. A/B testing tools serve 50% of your visitors with a new variation of your site design, while the remaining 50% receive the existing version — so you can compare & see which performs better. Make better, data-informed CRO decisions by leveraging A/B testing. There’s a wide variety of options for A/B testing tools on the market and many of them use “drag-and-drop” functionality to make things easy.

Why Use Conversion Rate Optimization Tools?

Conversion rate optimization is a critical component of making your law firm’s website an effective lead generation tool. If you’ve been having trouble converting your web traffic into leads & clients, these five types of conversion rate optimization tools can help you identify problem areas and eliminate friction.

Choosing the right conversion rate optimization tools for your law firm’s unique goals and needs can dramatically improve your return on marketing spend. CRO tools give you the insight and data you need to figure out why people are abandoning your forms. Without proper investigation and analysis, your efforts are equivalent to throwing darts blindfolded.

Insiteful includes no-code conversion optimization & in-page analytics features to instantly boost your law firm website’s conversion rate. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use Insiteful: our robust CRO platform has all the tools and plans you need to convert more leads from your existing marketing efforts.

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