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How to recover lost opportunities

Businesses gain revenue by generating more leads, but often the highest ROI approach to do so is by identifying the leaks in your existing efforts. You already spend significant time & money to acquire customers, so you have a chance to convert them into sales opportunities and revenue. Making your marketing more effective doesn’t have to be complicated: 

Don’t get lost in the madness of omni-channel marketing; you can easily seal the leaks in your funnel by using Insiteful’s tools to recover lost leads & opportunities.

When a visitor starts filling out a form on your website, that usually tells you they are interested in your products. However, many of these users may not make it to the finish (a whopping 76% on average!)

The reasons vary widely: users might abandon your lead form because of poor UX, sensitive information requests, unclear labels, or even just a random distraction. Due to form abandonment, your business may waste thousands of dollars — and you’d have no way to know even with tools like Google Analytics

This is why recovering missed opportunities is so important, since it can increase conversions and boost revenue. 

A Second Chance to Convert Missed Leads

Not to worry! Your customers’ journey doesn’t have to end because of a incomplete form submission:

Imagine you were notified in real-time anytime an interested visitor didn’t complete your form. Moreover, imagine you were provided all the essential contact information so you can re-engage and convert the prospect, before a competitor has the chance to do so.

With Insiteful’s missed opportunity alerts, all of this could be a reality in just a few clicks!

Any visitor who started to fill out your website’s form is a potential lead. Don’t be limited by your current tech stack or analytics: Insiteful is capable of tracking your existing forms, compatible with any form builder or web platform. 

Stop wasting time on analytics & session replay, and start capturing & converting more leads with Insiteful!

Get Real-time Alerts for Missed Leads

Insiteful’s missed lead alert feature helps businesses identify and recover missed sales opportunities and high purchasing intent prospects. Our advanced tracking captures visitors’ form entries in real-time, leveraging data from incomplete responses to provide you:
a) alerts for lost leads, with phone &/or email contact information, and
b) smart insights to identify bottlenecks in your UX (ie. confused or abandoned fields)

When a phone or email lead is detected from an incomplete form response, Insiteful will immediately notify you via email. You can also easily set up missed opportunity alerts via Slack or Microsoft Teams, so your team will be notified right away whenever anyone abandons the form without submitting, and you can convert this use before a competitor has the chance to do so.

The alert from Insiteful will include all the contact information you need to re-engage the prospect, as well as the ability to sync this information to your CRM, spreadsheets, & more with no-code.

Recover Missed Opportunities

Missed opportunity alerts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Insiteful’s features for solving form abandonment. For instance, you can send auto follow-up email sequences to re-engage and convert those leads, either using Insiteful’s built-in functionality, or via one of our no-code integrations. You can also add saved progress to your existing web forms in literally 1-click, so your users can “Save & Continue Later” if they’re in a rush. Improve your online user experience and increase conversions without needing to modify your existing web setup!

With Insiteful’s missed lead alerts and turnkey form abandonment solution, you can increase your marketing efficiency without having to increase your advertising spend. Never miss another opportunity: get a second chance to convert prospects with Insiteful.

 No more missed opportunities™

You shouldn’t entirely lose the opportunity to convert the leads just because they didn’t have a chance to finish filling out your forms — Insiteful gives you that second chance. 

Using Insiteful’s real-time alert for missed leads, you can boost your revenue without spending more on ads, by simply tracking & engaging 100% of the leads that fill out your forms.

Sign up to try Insiteful today and turn missed opportunities into sales for your business!

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