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It’s hard to find a business website that doesn’t incorporate online forms these days. Websites rely on forms to allow users to make payments, subscribe, sign up, download lead magnets, and much more. The truth is no one truly wants to fill out a form, but they are a “necessary evil” and the primary means of exchanging contact information to receive value on the Internet. 

If you are generating leads for your business with forms, there’s a high chance you are losing revenue due to the friction in your online forms, commonly known as form abandonment.

Form abandonment refers to when a user starts to fill out a form, but never submits it. The silver lining is that you can optimize your forms and increase revenue with existing traffic by recovering abandoned forms:

To make your web forms more effective, you have to go behind the scenes and understand the conversion funnel and user experience. Form analytics can help you understand how users interact with your forms so you can optimize them to increase conversions.

This is where form tracking software comes in — there are a handful of options on the market. To help you understand which platform is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of best form tracking and analytics software.


Over two-thirds of potential leads who begin filling out your forms will abandon them – and traditional analytics will tell you nothing about this. If you’re not using form tracking software, you’re flying blind with regards to your lead generation and digital marketing efforts.

Insiteful was created specifically to solve form abandonment and provides all the analytics you need to avoid lost leads and increase conversions. 

Best form tracking software — Insiteful Form Tracking & Optimization

Insiteful’s form analytics make it easy to reveal the problematic fields in your forms. For instance, if you see a majority of people leaving at the phone number field, you can either remove it, modify the copy/labels, or make it an optional field. 

A good conversion tool should not only help you understand why leads are abandoning form, it should also help recover them. With Insiteful, you can capture incomplete form responses and automatically add them to your email follow up or remarketing campaigns.

Here’s a quick overview of Insiteful’s robust form optimization features:

Insiteful is a no-code solution that works with basically any form builder or website platform. With this simple, automated system for form tracking and optimization, you can close more deals from your forms and seal the gaps in your lead funnels. Click here to learn more or sign up today!


Hotjar is a desktop and mobile analytics and feedback application that gives you visibility into your web forms and the overall customer experience. There are also traffic-related insights that can assist you to figure out who is coming to your website.

Best form tracking software — Hotjar Forms & Funnel Analysis

Hotjar offers a variety of plans with varying pricing options: you can use limited features for free, or paid versions with additional capabilities.

Hotjar is a very useful tool for performance measurement such as heatmaps, recordings, feedback, and surveys; but when it comes to form analytics, it lags behind other players since they retired forms and analytics in 2020.

While heatmaps and recording are useful features to understand the overall user behavior, these are mostly useful only for site-level analysis and can’t directly replace Funnels and Forms analytics.



FullStory is a digital experience intelligence platform that combines deep analytics, comprehensive session information, and collaboration capabilities to answer questions, solve challenges, and uncover possibilities. 

FullStory’s analytics engine analyzes digital interactions within sites or applications automatically, allowing teams to evaluate, validate, and act on each experience at scale.

Best form tracking software — Fullstory Session Recording

Fullstory has a robust set of analytics features such as session replay, user trends, event funnels, heatmaps, segmentation, and more. When it comes to tracking forms, session replay offers some of most specific data (recordings of every user that filled out your forms), but it isn’t very easy to glean any real insight. Watching session replay is tedious & time-consuming, and it doesn’t offer any quantitative or objective data into what can be improved

For teams with high traffic volume, Insiteful would prove a better alternative: the built-in form field insights automatically identify bottlenecks and friction points, so you can skip watching hours of session replay and get straight to form optimization.

Zuko Analytics

Zuko is one of the oldest form tracking solutions available on the market (previously known as Formisimo). It is an analytics software that allows you to better understand how visitors to your web forms behave. Zuko’s form analytics provide you with visibility into your marketing performance, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to improve the user experience and conversion rates of your forms.

Best form tracking software — Zuko Form Analytics

Zuko expanded Formisimo’s reporting capabilities in 2020 with new form behavior metrics, filtering and visualization, while preserving the simple copy-and-paste installation method.

While Zuko is a great solution for tracking your forms, it’s not so robust when it comes to conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

You can think of Zuko as a passive solution for tracking how users interact with your forms, whereas Insiteful actively optimizes your form experience for every visitor to boost conversions. For teams that are looking for an all-in-one solution with form analytics and optimization features, Insiteful may be a better choice. 

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Form tracking software is a powerful tool to increase your conversions and improve marketing ROI. Choosing the right tool to track your forms is the key to convert more leads from your existing efforts. If you’re looking for an end-to-end solution for both tracking & optimizing your form conversions, Insiteful is built just for you — try it free, today!

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